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9/13/08 11:55:45AM
i know alot of fans would love to go to a mma or ufc event in general.
i also know how it sucks if your city or state has not had a live venue of it. my advice is to save and go see one in a different city or state.

1st piece of advice is to go to and buy a fight club membership for 75 bucks or so. onyl thing i use it for is to get tickets before the public and go to weigh ins or autograph sessions. for some events you will need to be a fight club member to get in.

2nd is once a rumor becomes legit in a city where the event will be held, don't wait. start looking for plane tickets, rental cars and hotel rooms. find the best deal out there it might take a couple weeks to run into something. if i am not in vegas but another city i am looking for a hotel rental car package. i saved 80 bucks looking around on the web staying at a hotel and getting a car found a deal that came with a rental car for exact money of the hotel stay alone.

3rd. but if you only have money for one get the flight instead, months out gives you good deals on flights and you are guarenteed a seat.

4th. it's fun to see what fights end up on the card, try to balance your budget if your budget is say 800 to a 1000
take a cheap flight even if that means leaving early morning at the ass crack of dawn to get a flight below 100 bucks one way. hotel is not everything cause u will be out site seeing, going to the weigh ins, pre party after party and such. unless your in vegas get a good deal, if you have money to burn i advise to do your research find out where the fighters are staying at and book early cause if you know where they are i guarentee you thousands of other fans do too.
spend the bulk of your money on your fight ticket. higher level in vegas is nothing if in vegas get the cheap seats but anywhere else you might have to spend more. find out what capacity is in each venue, and make a guess if 600 gets you floor the spend half of that for a descent seat. stay away from the north and south side of seats look for the sides or even corners. but don't get the south or north sides.

5th when it is weeks away i suggest you go online buy some mma clothes, represent your favorite fighter or someone fighting on the card. i bought a rampage affication shirt and joe stevenson shirt in july i had to represent even in the hot hot sun. go to a library or book store buy a travel guide of the city you will be staying in only costs 10 to 15 bucks, comes with a map, best places to eat, bars, clubbing, and sites to see.

6th day of the flight i like to deck out in a mma hat and shirt just to let people know in my city that i am going on the flight for reason, doing so you might actually run into another fellow mma fan on the flight or way there in the terminal. when you arrive at the city you will be staying in, relax, take it easy, get alot of sleep cause you will need it.

day of the fight make sure you have these components on you
digital camera or camera
black marker or pen
nice to have my fight companion guide in my bag from this site
alot of money to buy programs, t shirts, drinks
having a white cap or mma cap is cool if you run into any fighters have them sign your hat must be white though
do your homework alot of these fans don't know most of the fighters on the under card, or even what country they come from, be well educated know what your talking about, where the fighters are from, who have they fought in the past, where they stand right now and how a win would effect them are they in title contention, up and cummer, win streaks losing streaks.

but overall have alot of fun and start planning and saving up for your next one
9/13/08 12:44:44PM
Some good things in here, I know i was pretty overwhelmed my first event. Of course i just got a little hammered at the tailgate party.. yeah ya know thats my only rule, bring beer to the tailgate... your buddies will take care of the rest
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