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9/28/14 4:12:59PM
Hi people. I just wanted to know what peoples overall reaction to 178?
For me it was spectacular.

The Gamburyan vs. Gibson fight was entertaining, and painful at some moments, that groin kick was I didn't think he was going to be able to fight afterwards.

Dominick Cruz just demolished his opponent in such quick and spectacular fashion, such an athlete, it was picture perfect.

Zingano vs Nunez was amazing. Best Womans MMA fight I have ever seen. Nunez brought a case of whoopass in the first round, I was so impressed with the accuracy of her punches. I cannot wait for the Rousey vs. Zingano fight.

Tim Kennedy fight was weird as hell. How is what the "Soldier of God" (*cough* hahahahahahahahahaha *cough) did with the stool thing legal? He basically took an extra 20 seconds of sitting time, how is it that he wasn't disqualified? I was so pissed.

McGregor fight was awesome. I love McGregor. I love his fighting style, his trash talking, his personal style, and of course how can you not like the hair style :D

Cerrone was slow to start the fight, but he knows that, he mentioned it in his speech afterwards. Cerrone is always fun to watch.

9/28/14 5:15:04PM
The undercard killed my score and the Romero fiasco ruined my parlay, but the event was so good that it almost takes the pain away...

Controversy: Kennedy was winning, but Romero's corner held up the fight for 28 seconds between rounds before the third, giving him time to recover from nearly being finished and able to finish Kennedy in the third. A lot of people are calling for the fight to be overturned because Romero didn't answer the bell.

Vindication: McGregor confidently and quickly finished Poirier and made it look easy, and Cat Zingano proves her toughness once again by being in a compromising position in the first and coming back to wreck her opponent.

Cruz made a statement that the champ is back in the game with a merciless onslaught.

Cerrone all but cemented his spot as fighter of the year by chopping down Alvarez with brutal kicks.


I think that Zingano is the person to beat Rousey IF she explodes out of the gate and utilizes those beautiful knees and elbows more swiftly than her previous fights, especially since Rousey seems to be exploding out of the gate with efficiency lately, though Cat may be tough enough to withstand an early onslaught. If she can just get the fight into the clinch or top position, I think she can win. I hope she's working on her Judo and aggression. Cat Zingano is now on my favorite fighter list.

Cruz impressed me more so than in the past, and his words impressed me at the post fight press conference, about how he has taken all this time to analyze everyone in the division and pretty much has everyone's number and hasn't been taking it easy. He proved as much last night.

Kennedy made me an even bigger fan by his performance. I won't get into the controversy.

What can be said about McGregor that he hasn't said himself. He belongs among the top, and I'll be pulling for him to be ON the top. He reminds me of Ragnar, with the gods protecting him, freeing him of the risk of failure so he can shine in battle.

I'm glad Cerrone got another chance to dust off his legs and fire off some kicks. Those things are brutal.
9/28/14 9:46:53PM
Romero's stool causes more controversy than the stool of any other fighter in the history of the UFC.
9/29/14 3:27:38PM
I'm sure there's all kinds of stuff in Romero's stool.
9/29/14 6:35:13PM
The one that got away.

If my dad married any other weekend. I would have been in Vegas.

To make matters worse. I went to 177 cause I wasn't going to 178.

To loss of a event goes right up there with ufc Cruz vs Faber card which I passed on
10/2/14 2:34:51PM
very cool. Thanks guys