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7/8/09 1:43:31PM
Gegard Mousasi is hands down one of the least talked about top talents in the sport today.

Widely regarded my many of the MMA hardcore as one of the very best pound for pound fighters in the world, Mousasi plans on taking his respect as he prepares for the most high profile bout of his twenty eight fight career to date.

7/8/09 1:51:20PM
Always been a HUGE fan of Mousasi's .IMO he handles babalu with ease.
7/8/09 2:19:41PM
Mousasi is a beast. this is only a high profile fight cus its in the states, he's been a killer overseas forever.
7/8/09 3:37:26PM
Mousasi is the man, hope he destroys everything in his way
7/8/09 4:02:13PM
A few weeks ago the money line on Gegard was -105. He's now at -150. I knew I should have thrown down a few bucks on him. Easy money, imo.
7/8/09 5:27:06PM
Mousasi is really The Truth, Brandon needs to hand that over.
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