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3/27/09 7:56:32AM
DREAM middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi will make his light heavyweight debut on May 25 at DREAM.9 vs. UFC and Affliction veteran Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

3/27/09 7:58:57AM
i think Sokoudjou is just lookin for hard fights nowadays
3/27/09 8:11:59AM
Monday morning MMA, eh? (5/25 is a Monday) Sokoudjou not get upset, Mousasi? A return to Japan might be what Sokoudjou needs after hat disastrous UFC run.
3/27/09 9:35:13AM
Oh no, bad for sokoudjou.
3/27/09 11:33:22AM
Should be a stand-up war on the feet, but once it hits the ground it probably wont last too long.

Mousasi rnd 1 sub
3/27/09 12:39:57PM
Gegard will destroy Sokoudjou!!!!!
3/27/09 3:35:17PM
Sokoudjou needs to fire his handlers.He's never going to be able to develop as a fighter when he's constantly getting fed to the wolves.Look at how few fights he has,and look at how many eliete level fighters he's gone up against in that time.He needs to be fighting guys with his level of experience,so he can get some wins under his belt and grow as a fighter.

This is a horrible fight for him.Mousasi will take him down and submit him in the first round.All Sokoudjou is going to get out of the fight is a nice pay day and another loss on his record.Whoever he has handling his career has their head up their ass.

3/27/09 4:17:24PM
Mousasi will probably take this unless he gets caught with some power in the first three minutes of the fight. Soko always seems to gas late in the first round/early second round and then lets his defenses slip and then he gets caught with something.

He has been thrown to the wolves early on, but steel hardens steel. If he could just switch up camps and really focus on his JJ and cardio, he's still young enough to crush the competition in a couple years.
3/27/09 7:33:06PM
sokoudjou lossing streak will continue
3/27/09 8:02:08PM
Its Gegard v. Manhuef again, but sokoudjou is just not nearly as accurate.

Sokoudjou i think has what it takes to keep this a stand up fight for the one round of cardio he has in his tank. In that round Mousasi has a distinct reach advantage to play around with and should pick his shots that round. In round 2 sokoudjou will just kind of lose somehow, much quicker than you'd expect after seeing a re-affirming first round with sokoudjou as the agressor.

I like the fight personally.

Sokoudjou v. Manhuef next
3/27/09 9:48:33PM
There's an interview on Sherdog that makes this fight seem unlikely from what Soko's managers are saying.

3/27/09 10:02:05PM
Mousasi should win this fight fairly easily. Sokoudjou is starting to act like Joe Stevenson by fighting the best and the best only.
3/28/09 9:14:42PM
Gerard should win this handly on the ground.
3/28/09 9:36:37PM
mousasi by easy sub..........wouldn't surprise me if mousasi stands and bangs.

gegard mousasi is dangerous where ever the fight goes.

can't forget though sokoudou does have brutel knock out power.
3/30/09 1:57:09PM
My god, why are Sokoudjou's crew feeding him to top tier fighters?
Look at his whole career...


now Mousasi...

he's had 9 fights, 5 of those fights were against top fighters...

Let him fight some Stand up guys, Houston Alexander, Melvin Manhoef...
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