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11/8/09 5:09:08AM
Gegard Mousasi says he wasn't all that impressed by his performance on Saturday night. Nevertheless, "The Dreamcatcher" picked up his 14th straight victory, and continued his quest to become recognized as one of the best light heavyweight fighters in the world.

11/8/09 5:21:46AM
For a little in Gegard's fight, I was like 'Here we go again, Sokoudjou is gonna KO him and be on top of the world for another 15 mins' But then it went to the ground!
11/8/09 9:11:51AM
I think their are 2 things that threw Gegard off in that fight.

1. Soku's stand up style. Watching them in the stand Up,Gegard seemed to be the more disciplined striker,but Soku was throwing some big punches.
I think Gegard was constantly looking for that opening,but Soku was doing a great job of keeping him from getting it.

2.Soku's Judo. He applied it very well in this fight and it took Mousasi a while to find away around it.

Regardless,great fight both ways.

Just hope Gegards next fight is against Hendo!
11/8/09 10:49:27AM
I have to give it up to Rogers and Soku in their respective fights. These guys came out with everyone expecting them to get smashed and both men proved they were very solid opponents, for 2 of the best P4P fighters in the world. Gergard looked good i thought. Fedor had me a bit worried though. What a right hand
11/8/09 12:16:57PM
Gegard looked very disappointed in his fight and showed it well when his team was trying to celebrate. I was a little surprise to see that it took Gergard longer to finish the fight, but I think that is because Soku actually was trying to fight and treated it like a fight and not a training match. Good to see that Soku was bringing it a little more than usual.

Look forward to Gergard fight a little more and possible some of the Light Heavies from the UFC. Only to see the Best take on the best.

I think Gergard needs to break into the UFC and we will see some pretty good fights.

I don't want to take anything away from Strikeforce but I think he will need to get to the UFC so he can capture the belt, which he is very capable of doing.
11/8/09 1:36:33PM

Posted by MiniMan

For a little in Gegard's fight, I was like 'Here we go again, Sokoudjou is gonna KO him and be on top of the world for another 15 mins' But then it went to the ground!

The fight went down exactly as I predicted. Thierry would get tired in the first round and get finished in the second. I hate to say it, but the success he (Thierry) has had Japan vs. the US is borderline suspicious.

I thought Mousasi looked great and he is quickly becoming one of my faves by his fight style.
11/8/09 1:46:20PM
I wasn't actually worried for Fedor at all. He had a bloody nose...that was pretty much the extent of it for him. His throw of a 270+ pound man like he was nothing raised my eyebrow. It was clear he had a power advantage too, when Rogers got hit, he was very shocked...he's never been hit like that. My concern was how would he react in a cage...didn't seem like it was an issue at all. Werdum v. Fedor is agood 2 match....and then Overeem.

Fedor bleeding and hurting his hand----not a surprise..he has ALWAYS bled easily ala Gatti, and he tends to hurt his hands becuase of how hard he hits.
11/8/09 9:06:53PM
brett and thierry both looked good. brett looked good on the ground too...thierry didn't. I look forward to seeing those guys come back....but in general it went exactly as expected. Miller looked great too. I honestly don't want these guys in the ufc. I want to see another org grow and this looks like a great start (not that i wouldn't want to see those match ups....i just think it's better for the sport if strikeforce can keep things moving)
11/8/09 11:58:09PM
Gegard did seem really displeased with his performance, but I think the fight went pretty good. Mousasi seemed to be alot leaner in this fight then he was against Sobral and it seemed to increase his speed. Both him and Soko looked to be throwin quick punches and kicks. I just hope SF can bring in top LHW to face Mousasi or I'd like to see him move to the UFC where he can have a challenge and still not sure to many fighters in the UFC would be a challenge.

I was really impressed with Rogers, I never imagined he would be able to reverse someone on the ground let alone get out of one of Fedors arm bars. He has heavy hands, but it seemed like he didn't want to throw his right hand, just his jab. In the end Fedor came in with that nice right though. If you watch you can see he doesn't even draw back on it or nothing just a straight in right from a standing still position, it was a really nice shot. It was a great show for being on cable and hope to see more productions on cbs
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