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5/9/09 9:13:57AM
Some return for "Ache-Roid" last night against the O's. 3-run shot in his very first at bat...ON THE VERY FIRST PITCH. Caused a nice pro-Yanks ruckus at the bar I caught it at. The incomparable hockey PBP guy Gary Thorne said it best (calling the game for DC network MASN): Can You Believe That?
5/9/09 9:35:25AM
And he did it vs Guthries 97-98 MPH inside fastball, something Arod couldnt get around on late last season and in spring training. That being said the real story is CC throwing a 4 hit CG shutout.
5/9/09 3:42:30PM
Manny gets suspended as A-rod comes back.
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