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9/15/09 11:15:10AM
So, I've been in my bulking stage for the past month and half and I'm getting ready to cycle creatine off...This past month I've been on a very strict diet, and working out about 5 times a week...and seen great results...however, when I start to bulk again I got the superpump that I always hear great results about...My question is, since it has 1 gram of creatine monohydrate, is it suitable to add about 4 more grams, which is the recommended dose when doing creatine alone...

basically, should you stack CM with the superpump? take it after workout, or what? i've looked it up and couldn't really find any solid answers....btw, im 19, 215, 13%BF.
9/22/09 11:03:08AM
Okay well since no one replied I guess I'll throw up what I've found to work best after a little more research and trial and error.

I eat my preworkout meal around 7AM.
Take my preworkout shake, just the superpump in some water around 9AM.
Drive to the gym and start working out hard around 9:30AM
Then take post workout shake with another 4-5g of creatine around 11AM after workout.

in case anyone was wondering lol
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