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11/20/08 9:45:34AM
Okay I've been through my second amt fight this weekend and i did very well but I'm really upset over the fact that i gassed after the first round. I train much harder and a faster pace then the fight was going yet i still gassed! Lucky for me it seemed like he had been just as tried if not more. I won the fight standing all rounds and decided i didn't want it going to the judges so took him down and subbed him with the RNC. But now i'm only concerned with getting my gas tank up. I started jogging more and hitting steps but i hate doing it. lol I started shadow boxing with sprints and weights in my hands hoping to get better and get my tank up. The next fight is in 4 months and i need to improve that much more. So any input and help with this is appreciated. Also I'm working on getting a vid posted with pics. Thanks
11/20/08 10:05:57AM
Congrats man. You could always use the oxygen limiting snorkel idea that Wandy use(d) and that they used on TUF. Id do some more research on it first... Don't wanna give you the idea and have you pass out or get hurt from my suggestion haha.

Also, you can focus on repetitive quick burst exercises/ movements. The thing about upping your gas tank is taking your O2 level to another level. While jogging a long distance and keeping your breath stable will benefit you too, It would be worth it to do exercises where your breath and O2 levels get spiked and the drop, spiked then drop. Sort of works the same as muscle growth. You have to force yourself through the next plateau...

Exercises like sprints with someone blowing a whistle randomly, rowing like mad for a short time, then going back to normal... Pretty much anything where you are able to get a big O2 spike and push the limits. The more you mix it up the better. Also it takes time to get ur tank up. When I started in JJ years ago, I was like damn man I am lucky if I can last 5 minutes of intense grappling... Over time, your body adapts.

The best thing in my opinion that helped me with my tank was during class my JJ teacher would pick one person to be the guinea pig, and put that person by themselves and have the rest of the class take turns rolling with me. there would be no stop. the next person in line would tap the guy on me's back and have him quickly get off me and the new fresh person would resume in the same position we were in. this would happen over and over.

This allowed me to start fresh with a new person, both get winded together, then get a new fresh person and be forced to step up and spike my O2 levels to compete with the new fresh guy, then both get winded again, and the cycle repeats...

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
11/20/08 10:21:51AM
Wow thanks a lot. I will try short bursts while jogging and hitting the steps. Also I plan on taking more BJJ classes since they seem to help a lot with endurance and staying calm.
11/21/08 8:32:09PM
another thing.. when your training you do not have the adrenaline rush you do during competition.. your always going to use up more O2 in comp then in training..
11/21/08 9:14:02PM
There are two kinds of cardio- Anaerobic and Aerobic.

Anaerobic cardio helps manage short bursts and helps control lactic acid build up. When you fight in 3 or 5 minute rounds you use mostly anaerobic type cardio.

Aerobic cardio helps manage recovery time and also helps you with sustaining high heart rates for long periods of time. Good aerobic cardio will help you throughout the fights, but mostly it will help you during slow periods and in between rounds when you're recovering.

You're probably having a hard time managing your adrenaline, too. What can happen with newer fighters is they get an adrenaline dump because they're not used to fighting. This can gas you out quick. There's really no way around it besides fighting more. The way a lot of trainers deal with this is by putting you into "Oh shit" situations. The constant rotation of fresh training partners is good, too. When you up your training intensity and you're constantly getting your ass kicked in the gym, it becomes no big deal to get into a fight. For a lot of fighters the fight is the actual relief. With time you will learn to manage your adrenaline better as long as the training is good.

One more thing- study up on food intake and the effect on your bloodstream. If you're eating crappy foods it will require more effort from your heart to push blood. Which in turn gasses you out faster. Diet is hugely important throughout training and especially come a couple days before fights. A lot of guys want to gorge themselves after cutting weight, but it's very important to maintain a good diet the night before and the day of your fight.

Over time your cardio will definitely get a lot better. It's not something that can be built up over night, but it's a very, very important aspect of the game.
11/24/08 11:07:35AM
Thank u very much. U hit a lot of key points i hadn't known about or have forgotten. I will use all this new found knowledge while training and to clean up my diet. I guess in all aspects of it, just train harder, eat better and keep my mind straight. I don't wish to ever be a pro fighter but i do like competing in the Amt events and i love training so i just want to get better for my own purposes.
11/24/08 10:15:21PM
Absolutely, bro It's my pleasure to help.

One more thing I would add- Try to visualize your opponent in the weeks leading up to the fight. Visualize what you will do (always winning, mind you) and see yourself getting your hand raised. The more and more you put yourself mentally into the situation of the fight itself, the more natural it will feel when fight time comes. To some people it sounds gay, but I mean it- meditate, it will really help.
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