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POLL: What are your thoughts of Gary Shaw?
A real stand-up human being 10% (2)
He's taking MMA to the next level 5% (1)
Everybody makes mistakes...he's only human 5% (1)
He's doing a disservice to MMA 43% (9)
He is Don King on steroids 38% (8)
6/5/08 12:15:50PM
So, let me start off by saying that I've never thought very highly of Gary Shaw...and his son Jared just rubs me the wrong way. This past weekend has only given me new reasons not to like the 2 of them.

So, obviously Dana White and Gary Shaw don't see eye to eye and often have a war of words in the media. Well, one thing in particular always stood out in my mind...when Gary was asked about Dana's claims that he was never a fan of MMA, Shaw made a remark along the lines that he was watching MMA back when Dana was selling used cars for a living. Since he only recently decided to involve himself with MMA, now that it has gained popularity over the last couple of years, I became a bit curious. So after doing some googling, it didn't take me too long to dig up a quote from Shaw from just a couple of years ago.

Boxing promoter Gary Shaw attributes Ultimate Fighting's rise to a generation inured to violence and mayhem -- the sort commonly depicted in movies and videogames. "The mixture of wrestling with boxing and the fact that it's not staged goes to the bloodthirsty segment of the population," he says.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Full Article Published by UFC

So, what does this mean? To me, it means that he's a snake in the grass...but then again, I already knew that. Take it for what it's worth, but I thought I would share this, as I found it interesting.
6/5/08 12:24:08PM
Shaw is a Big Bag of Douche
6/5/08 1:05:24PM
It would be awesome if dana and shaw did a press conferance together one day for whatever reason, and dana just popped him and put shaw on his arse.
6/5/08 1:37:01PM
i think Dana vs Shaw would be an awesome fight

everyone knows dana could sub him anyway he wanted but Dana would prolly stand to rub it in Shaws face how much stronger he was....

i say Dana via RNC after GnP'ing Shaw, causing him to roll over & give up his back
6/5/08 5:18:47PM
Gary Shaw's a perfect example of a peice of shit human being. That being said, he's also a very smart buisinessman.

Think about it. Do you think that the average MMA mainstream slut is gonna know who Henderson and Rampage and even Wanderlei is before the UFC, no.

What Shaw does is bring in guys like Cung Le, Kimbo, and Frank Shamrock(for the hardcore fans).

He brings in mainstream guys that people know and puts on exciting cards instead of the best matchups or necessarily the most talented fights.

Everyone wants to see Kimbo fight who is a mainstream slut and they far outnumber us.

I repeat just to clear things up, Gary Shaw is a deceptive piece of human dogshit.

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