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7/13/08 8:56:31AM
I've heard that Gary Shaw is on his way out at ProElite. From what I understand he is going to stay on as a consultant, but will not be part of the day to day business of the company.

What do you think this means for the company and have any of you heard anything more? Is this a move to get the org. ready for CBS ownership?
7/13/08 3:03:20PM
I actually heard something about this a while ago too. I have nothing to actually prove it but i heard the same thing.
7/13/08 4:30:45PM
Either way, now that Lorenzo Fertitta is taking a more active role in MMA, Shaw is ******.
7/14/08 6:56:19PM
I hope so, I dont like the guy. I think it would be better for Elitexc personally, he seems kinda dumb.
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