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9/17/12 4:40:47PM
This is not a game, as much as it it a reference for sidegamers.

We will all make 2 sets of MMA rankings:

1. a p4p list from 1-300(1 being highest)
2. a top 50 list for each weight division (HW, LHW, MW, WW, LW, FW, BW, FlyW)

if you're not familiar with what i'm talking about, this is the same idea that espn has for their fantasy cheat sheets they use for fantasy sports. this is the one used for fantasy football. LINK

we would essentially be copying the "positional cheat sheet" for weight classes & the "top 300 cheat sheet" for p4p rankings based NOT ONLY ON RESULTS, BUT WATCHABILITY, EXCITEMENT VALUE, ETC. Yes the fighter’s records are important, but their excitement value is what makes these rankings valuable to the side games.

Questions to ask yourself when making your rankings?
1. Which fighter would you rather have on your fantasy fight card?
2. Which fighter would you rather watch on a PPV?
3. Which fighter makes you more likely to buy a ticket to an event?

example: Leonard Garcia & Hatsu Hioki. In all rankings you find, Hioki is ranked higher than Garcia, but in these rankings, Garcia & Hioki's value would be a lot closer bc so many people love the way Leonard fights.

Votes are encouraged to be sent to me via PM, as to keep the thread as uncluttered as possible.

There are no set rules for these rankings (if a fighter has been our for a year, you can still rank him wherever you want, as long as it's not considered unreasonable by the contributors to the rankings. if the rankings as a whole are considered ridiculous, i will PM contributors their opinion & decide from there.) We try to be as objective & unbiased as possible (we can't help how we feel, but try not to be delusional).

i know this is a lot of work, so i will not be asking for rankings each week. After i get the first set of rankings, i will PM all contributors for a new set of votes once every 4-6 weeks, & after i compile enough votes to make a decent pool, i will update the rankings on the first post. NEW VOTERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!!!!

not only would this serve as a quick go-to reference to us side gamers, but it would make a fun way for us to rank fighters not only on their rank but level of excitement.

If you want to contribute, notify me in the thread or via PM or just go ahead & send me your rankings.

9/17/12 4:44:04PM
LHW 1. Thiago Silva

MW. 1. A Silva, 2. Nick Ring 3. Andrew Craig

WW 1. James Head

FW 1. Aldo, 2. Siler


You know I'm down with this
9/17/12 4:58:25PM
Im in
9/18/12 5:54:18AM
From doing the FlyW Rankings, i can already tell it will be nearly impossible to have a Top 50 for that weigh class. I just ask that you list as many as you can & hope we can make a top 25 with them.

I have 6 people right now. My intentions was to have 9 or 10 by the time the 1st set of votes is posted so we should be in pretty good shape.

I am accepting votes now. I will not rush, but must set deadlines for votes to be sent to me so I can post them in a decent amount of time. I intend on having the first set of rankings posted on or before October 7th. We should be able to have them all turned in by then.

9/18/12 1:09:15PM
Screw it, im in!!
9/18/12 7:23:24PM
i have already completed mine. I must say, i found setting up my list of 300 to be challenging, but it helped me realize i had the order in some of my weigh classes a little off.

Although, i am finished, I intend to update & change a few spots here & there concerning the outcomes of the next few events before I post our rankings.

If you send me your rankings early, but want to change them some before they are posted, please feel free to send me a revised set whenever you would like. I want them to be done, but i dont want people revising their lists every couple of events bc they feel like they have to.

I will be accepting rankings at all times, but the only time i will ask for a rankings at a specific time will be one of the 4-6 times a year they are getting updated.

9/26/12 1:10:45PM
I already have 3 complete sets of rankings, including my own! Very good progress made so far. I will send PMs after this weekend to all committed reminding everyone of the hopeful due date & checking progress. Thanks again for the help!
9/26/12 1:26:53PM
Awesome, cant wait to see the final results.
10/9/12 8:06:28PM
The deadline was missed by the majority. I've been too busy with classes to remind people so I'm PMing tomorrow to find out if there is still a high enough level of commitment from the voters