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9/22/08 12:54:03AM
Any baseball fan regardless of favorite team can at least acknowledge that Yankee Stadium is one of the best places to visit if you are a fan of the sport. From the pinstripes of the players, to the mystique of all the great players and games that were played there it has a great aura to it. It will be missed for sure

My favorite memory is seeing Aaron Boone hit the home run off Wakefield in the bottom of 11th in game 7.
9/22/08 9:07:35AM
ahh that reminds me of how much i hate grady little
9/22/08 9:15:48AM

Posted by emfleek

ahh that reminds me of how much i hate the Yankees

Great stadium. F*ck the organization, though.
9/22/08 9:21:52AM
oh absoloutly go sox but the stadium isnt bad id rather fenway though nothing beats the smell of hot dogs throw up and stale beer
9/23/08 10:18:21PM
The stadium may have history, but that's about it. The one thing I remember about being there is the constant smell of urine in the air.
9/24/08 6:39:26AM
Watched about half the game last night (it's on iTunes now, you can download it for 2 bucks-doesn't have the pregame stuff though), it's a good game although in the 5th they start throwing the bums out of the stands, probably for trying to take souvenirs with them. Hopefully Fenway & Wrigley aren't leaving anytime soon.
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