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POLL: Should S/D be eliminated?
Yes, it's too hard to predict with today's judges 35% (8)
No, it reflects how close a fight can really be 39% (9)
Yes, for a previously unstated reason 4% (1)
No, for a previously unstated reason 13% (3)
Don King makes his way into every poll! 9% (2)
8/23/10 2:38:23AM
By the way when a fight goes to decision does anyone else feel cheated if it's a split/majority decision and you lose points because you've picked a UD....I kind of do. I mean really who has that kind of guess down pat with judging the way it is nowadays?! Is this a change the Playground needs??
8/23/10 2:43:57AM
No. A lot of fighters are prone to close, gritty, nail-biting decisions. It seems prevalent amongst lightweights.

Then sometimes Lyoto Machida or Georges St. Pierre fights and everybody knows a decision from either will not be close.

Personally though, I won't pick SD anymore. Just a matter of statistics.
8/23/10 5:00:56AM
I've never picked split decision but have been burned when it gets called that way. It is a bit annoying. I think it should just be judges decision.
8/23/10 5:28:59AM
Never picked a SD or a 3rd round stoppage in a 3 round fight
8/23/10 8:27:05AM
I pick SD's in the Secondary League only. I've done it once or twice before in the past but I've since made it a point to only do so in non-UFC events.

As for 3rd round stoppages...raaaaaaarely ever do I pick them. Actually, I can't recall if I ever have in either league unless it was when I first started playing.
8/23/10 8:32:32AM
You guys don't pick a Sd when Lenorad Garcia fights?
8/23/10 8:36:31AM

Posted by postman

You guys don't pick a Sd when Lenorad Garcia fights?

8/23/10 5:37:43PM

Posted by postman

You guys don't pick a Sd when Lenorad Garcia fights?

No, but I do when Leonard Garcia fights.

I owed you for that smoking comment on the other thread. I'm still going strong on not smoking. HE was outside smoking. I was just out there discussing our plan of attack for the draft. I was 11th and there's a minute and a half in-between each pick, how was I to know that it would fly like that?
8/23/10 11:09:06PM
I don't like them because it's basically a guess and considering no one picks SD, all it does is keep everyones point total lower, which does nothing.

The change I'd really like is to get rid of Decision as being seperate from rounds. For instance, I picked Jorge Santiago to win via Decision (5 round fight) over Misaki at Sengoku. The outcome was a 5th round TKO. To me, it doens't make sense that someone who picked 1st round TKO should get more points than I did, as I clearly had a better grip of how that fight was going to play out. If it was 5th round Decision, I'd have gotten the same points as 1st round TKO guy, which I could live with.

The same problem in reverse applies when you know a fight is going to be a brutal battle and want to pick 3rd round TKO, thinking it's over when a fighters gas tank fails them and they get beaten, but get 5 points because it goes to a decision. You knew it was going to be a long bout, so you should get the extra two points for the 3rd round pick.
8/25/10 6:46:55PM
Svartorm has a very good idea. Nothing to add.

SD/UD's - In a hotbout its an 8 point swing. I think it has times where it rewards those who are confident that different judges will think differently about the fight. Matsyushenko v. Marshall, and Stephens v. Stout are two cases of this.
I'd definitely keep them.
8/25/10 7:23:57PM
I have picked a couple of SD's in the past and came out with max points because of it.

Now, whether that's a testament to how well I know F'd up judging in MMA, or whether it's a testament to the fighters and how they matched up- I can't say. Because there have been some decisions (Varner v. Shalorous and Penn v. Edgar 1 being the most recent in memory) that the judges literally had me scratching my head saying "WTF???" on.

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