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3/30/08 1:52:22AM
I'm kind of curious what fighter I've received the most points on (whether he won or lost the fight).

I'm too lazy to go through and tally every card I've picked, and there's not a way to check through the site; just thought it would be interesting to know which fighter everyone of us has had the best predictions with.

I'd assume for most, it would be a very active fighter or a hot bout fighter.

If anyone isn't too lazy to look at their pick history, I'd be curious to see who your fighter is that you've received the most points from.
3/30/08 3:17:49AM
I can tell you who I've done worst with. Sakara and GG. I've NEVER picked a fight correctly involving either guy.

As for best, it could be Frank Shamrock, as I called his Baroni fight exactly right, and I've called his fight with Le exactly right as well. Kind of a pain to look it up though and see who I'm most familiar with.
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