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2/27/08 5:34:00PM
Do somebody have the name of the fighters will be in the game and please update of the game.
2/27/08 5:35:31PM
you can view it in this topic LINK
2/27/08 5:39:05PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

you can view it in this topic LINK

Thanks man
2/27/08 5:45:44PM
actually i am sorry man...that was the user's list of preferred characters. i don't know of the actual roster
2/27/08 6:15:24PM
there is no actual roster & i would venture to guess there will not be one for a while, or atleast after they make their announcement at ufc 84

hold on tight folks!
it wont be too much longer til we can play online & i can do my break dance after i "it u in da ed"
2/27/08 7:04:13PM
i cant wait for this, i hope its out towards the end of the year with it being ufc 09, they usually bring games out like that just before the start of the year like fifa 08 and pes 2008
2/27/08 8:39:40PM
I can say that Joe Lauzon is in it, he has a thing about him having to get scanned for the game on his website somewhere.
2/28/08 4:01:14PM
Roster so is

Frank Mir
Quinton Jackson
Chuck Liddell
Forrest Griffin
Wanderlei Silva
Michael Bisping
Thiago Alves
Matt Arrayo
Hermes Franca
Joe Lauzon
Diego Sanchez
Gleison Tibau
Bruce Buffer (Now having him in fight shorts not in full suit)
2/28/08 4:04:58PM
IGN Boards - Confirmed Fighters

This is the forumn with prove that has all of the fighters saying they are going to be on the game..
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