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POLL: Tavares or Manny?
Manny by sub 14% (4)
Tavares by sub 21% (6)
Manny by (t)ko 32% (9)
Tavares by (t)ko 32% (9)
12/17/08 4:52:25PM
What are some of your initial impressions on this fight?

I have no clue who to pick. Both have good subs and decent striking. Both have been knocked out in their last couple of fights, but both are pretty solid scrappy lightweights. I think it should be a great fight.

The question is, who are you picking and why?

Edit: forgot the decision options by mistake.. sry
12/17/08 5:17:15PM
i'm going with Manny UD or sub. he has good takedowns and is relentless in his attack. i think he'll push too hard of a pace for Tavares and end up being on top the entire fight maybe getting a submission but Tavares has some pretty good BJJ of his own so he'll probably defend those attempts.
12/17/08 5:33:48PM
basically what bowen50 said, hes gonna push to pace past what tavares can handle. also, i think that manny is going to be trying to prove something since he got knocked out so quickly by emerson in his last fight. i see manny getting a late TKO
12/17/08 6:18:47PM
I got Tavares in this one. Gamburyan is one of the most overrated fighters in the world IMO. I think that its Tavares who comes out of this one with his hand raised.
12/17/08 6:37:11PM
Manny by short Armenian poundage
12/17/08 8:21:40PM
I think Tavares will submit him.
12/17/08 11:42:55PM
Tavares by choking mini karo out
12/18/08 12:33:26AM
Tavares via TKO stoppage late first or early second from a hard knee.
12/19/08 3:27:50PM
I think Manny will be Manny. Throw some big looping haymakers leave his chin exposed and Tavares will take advantage and KO him
12/19/08 4:02:36PM
I decided on Tavares by decision, which ironically I left out of the pole. Both are fairly talented when they want to be but I just feel like it will be Tavares night.
12/19/08 5:01:40PM
I think Manny will know to come in a little more calmly and either win a decision or submit Tavares early.
12/19/08 6:13:29PM
I voted for Manny sub but am picking Manny UD.
12/19/08 6:21:44PM
I thing Tavares with just use his reach and pick many apart. If manny gets his takedown i see Tavares just holding him off and getting back to his feet, or forcing the ref to stand it up. Manny gasses in the 3rd, Tavares knocks him out.
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