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3/23/07 10:23:00PM
I'm looking to place some bets on UFC 69. This is my first time, so I was hoping someone could tell me the deal with online gambling, like what's considered illegal (in the U.S.) and what some good websites are. I don't want to just place a bet on some random website only to find out that I have to fly to like Cambodia or something to withdraw the winnings from my account. I apologize if this topic has been done to death already.

If it turns out that I can't place a bet online, I'll probably just make the trip to Atlantic City. What are some places there that take UFC bets?

Thanks for any help you can offer, and sorry if all of this sounds stupid.
3/23/07 10:49:54PM
3/24/07 12:41:35PM

Posted by migo

I just created an account there. How do you bet?
3/24/07 5:39:02PM
It's an information site. I wasn't clear with the inital post, you'll want to ask your questions there.
3/27/07 12:14:49PM
Ohhh gotcha
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