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5/29/08 4:50:33PM
If betting odds are any indication of how a fight will go, then the question in the Kimbo Slice-James Thompson bout this weekend isn’t so much what will happen but rather how long it will take. Of course, you can also bet on those other guys/girls who happen to be fighting, but it doesn’t look nearly as fun. Let’s take a look at the odds, shall we?

Kimbo Slice (-600) vs. James Thompson (+400)

For those of you not experienced in gambling away your money on MMA fights, the above line means that you’d have to bet $600 on Slice to win $100 (assuming he’s victorious). On the flipside, a $100 bet on Thompson would net you $400 if he won. If you’re interested in stimulating the off-shore economy, you go ahead and make that Thompson bet.

Those lines confirm what we already know: Kimbo is a heavy favorite. Perhaps suspecting that action on this fight might be lean, Bodoglife has provided some other options.

Bout goes past 1:30 of round one (+135), or Bout goes less than 1:30 of round one (-175)

Bout starts round two (+325), or Bout does not start round two (-650)

Kimbo wins by TKO, KO, or DQ (-450), or Kimbo does not win by TKO, KO, or DQ (+300)

Needless to say, these odds provide a grim outlook for James Thompson. When people start making bets based not on whether you’ll win, but how long you’ll last, it’s hard not to get demoralized. For our money, the smartest bet of the bunch is that the fight will go longer than 1:30. Yes, Thompson is a fan of the ‘gong and rush’ strategy, but if he’s smart he’ll play it a little closer to the vest against Kimbo. A minute and a half isn’t such a long time to stay upright.

5/29/08 11:54:30PM
That's pretty cool. Thanks for the post and the link
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