Sénégalaise Wrestling

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1/12/09 4:55:05AM
Anyone ever watch some Senegalaise Wrestling? Pretty awesome stuff.

Rules: You win by knocking your opponent off their feet or out of the ring, and you can punch.

1/12/09 7:11:48AM
some of those guys were pretty good wrestlers
1/12/09 7:21:35AM
Sounds a lot like sumo.
1/12/09 10:00:26AM
Pretty interesting. Thanks for the link.

1/12/09 3:26:03PM
This is one of the coolest things ive ever seen.
1/12/09 5:18:33PM
but i gotta spread the love.
1/12/09 7:11:58PM
I don't know if anyone saw it, but there was a show on the Discovery channel called Last One Standing, where six guys from the US and England travelled all over the world and competed in various tribal manhood rituals and games. One of these events was Senegalaise wrestling, so they showed how they train for it and they competed in a year end event to crown the champion, so there was sick wrestling on display. A lot of the guys that compete in this train literally all day, every day for it and are insanely athletic.
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