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9/1/08 8:36:23PM
Yeah, instead of the 100's of topics that people want to lose weight, im trying to gain weight. I weigh about 170 looking to be around 180-185. I lift weights 6 days a week (with all the calistenics), train in MMA just the same, and i eat good. I just cant gain any mass. I dont want to gain the fat weight (obvisiously) im trying to gain muscle mass/endurance, but with a decent weight gain.
Anyone have any suggestions..
9/1/08 8:53:04PM
Hate to say it but cardio less, and eat more....still healthily, but more. Power lift (less reps more weight) 3X a week, and maybe look into a weight gainer like protein or creatine. It's way harder than losing IMO, and if you do gain you got to watch what you gain (the fat you mentioned). Also if you gain and then re-increase your routine you may just lose that weight again. Good luck.
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