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3/12/08 8:32:34PM
I am 15 years old and I need some tips on how to get heavier. I am 5' 7" and weight about 118 pounds. I would like to gain about 10 or 15 pounds. I also eat like crazy but just can gain weight. I also work out a lot. Any tips?
3/12/08 8:34:30PM
Eat a lot of bread if you want to gain a lot of weight, I would also reccomend Muscle Milk if you lift weights
3/12/08 9:25:21PM
Carbs will definantly do the job. Weightlifting will help. Something you can do to gain muscle is called a bloodpump. You work a specific isolated region of your body with low reps and heavy weights. You give yourself little time -1 minute-2 minutes in between sets and do multiple workouts on the same muscles.

If you are 15 your body might not yet be ready to gain a bunch of weight. I hit my big strength and muscle gains at 16 and 17. If you have a high metabolism and high energy it might just not be in your genetics until you mature further.

Eat dairy like a beast. Eat protein, Learn to eat heavy, period(Peanut Butter, Breads, Dairies, and Meats. Also, it might benefit you to lay off calisthetics and go for bulk and heavy weights.

Be carefull. I bulked up about 10 pounds in 4 to 5 weeks and not only lost agility flexibility and cardio, but also i got bad tendonitus. Your tendons need to keep up with your mass.

When bulking I stayed away from being cardio heavy and went to circuit training.
3/12/08 10:26:09PM
If you have high metabolism then you need to intake more and more calories. Muscle Milk is good, as well as weight gainers at Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, or Smoothie King. Im 6'1 and weighed 170 and I took a weight gainer and started lifiting now im 184
3/13/08 9:39:48AM
In High School I weighed 135lb my senior year.....

I worked out everyday ate tons carbs drank weight gainer shakes and took a mild amount of supplements that i could affford.....

I'm thirty now and weigh 198lb

What I'm telling you is it takes time and patients if you want the weight you gain to be quality and look good on you...

Don't be one of those guys who eats a ton, gets fat and then says they'll turn it into muscle (they normally stay fat)

My advice

1 eat a ton of carbs good one's not candy or bleached products
2 eat a ton of protein
3 Keep you reps down if you one of those kids who looks all bone and tendon don't go over 8 reps and keep it around 3-5reps force your body to put on weight

Here is one of the best web sites around
3/15/08 11:12:29PM
Thanks for the tips.
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