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4/17/10 4:35:39PM
i might have a fight coming up because a guys at our gym cant fight it all depends on how i look sparing monday. but the fight is at 155 and im at 145 right now. any tips on how to gain that extra 5 or 10 llbs?
4/17/10 5:29:47PM
How soon is the fight? Do you want to gain muscle of just pack on some fat so you can drop back down?
4/17/10 9:03:28PM
If you got time focus on compound exercises(squats, dead lifts, bench press, etc...) and lots of lean protein. If you don't have much time, I would drink plenty of fluids and maybe eat a little more carbs than normal(pasta, potatoes, etc....) and just focus on my technique and strength.
4/18/10 10:22:36AM
ill know more tommorow but if i get the fight i think its like 3 weeks away
4/18/10 3:09:49PM
Well, in 3 weeks you're not really going to get that much muscle packed on, but I'd go ahead and step up your weight training, as well as eating more pasta type foods. Drink plenty of fluids.

and remember, when/if you fight, don't try and use muscle, use your speed and technique.
4/2/11 3:25:59PM
4/2/11 5:28:14PM
Sounds to me that you are rushing into your fight. I say don't take the fight. Wait and find someone your own size. Putting on weight for a fight in 3 weeks should never even be an issue that comes up.
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