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12/20/08 1:00:10PM can exclusively report that a heavyweight clash between former heavyweight title challenger Gabriel Gonzaga and former NCAA Division II wrestling champion Shane Carwin is now set to take place.

Gonzaga is 10-3 and trains out of Team Link in Massachusetts. The jiu-jitsu black belt’s most high-profile fight took place at UFC 74 in August of 2007 when he lost to then-UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture via third round TKO.

Following the loss to Couture, the native Brazilian then suffered a second round TKO defeat at the hands of Fabricio Werdum at UFC 80 last January. However, since that time, Gonzaga has once again begun to climb the championship ladder with consecutive wins.

12/20/08 1:01:46PM
This is an awesome fight

I hope Carwin steam rolls, but my instinct tells me Gonzaga won't stand with him, Gonzaga sub 2 or Carwin TKO 1.

Great match up though
12/20/08 1:13:25PM
Yeah i think it all depends if carwin can get a good hit and then maybe finish it or if gonzaga goes straight takedown.

I see this as an interesting battle. Im kinda pulling for gonzaga.
12/20/08 1:29:04PM
I think Gonzaga is the better fighter and the more skilled of the two.

Carwin is a beast and has a ton of power and has good wrestling. But his standup is a little robotic and lacking footwork and headmovement. I haven't completely bought into his hype yet.

That being said I think Carwin gets the tko victory. Gabriel doesn't like to be hit and when you land a hard shot he seems to give up and wait for the ref to step in. And a guy like Shane will probably land a couple shots and get that win.

12/20/08 1:39:43PM
carwin > lesnar
12/20/08 1:40:40PM
Well there goes the Shane Carwin hype train...coming to a screaching halt...screeech! Gonzaga should dominate this fight anywhere it goes. Shane may have the biggest hands in MMA but I guarantee Gonzaga's hands are just as heavy. Gabriel is also going to be spending some time again at Chute Boxe, so expect to see some crisp standup enroute to a big KO.

12/20/08 1:45:32PM
Carwin is in trouble standing and on the ground. I would like for Carwin to win, but I don't see it happening. Gonzaga is a lot more experienced and Carwin is not that fast. I could see Carwin getting an early takedown easily and then Gonzaga either sweeping or submitting him.
12/20/08 1:56:22PM
Carwin's best shot at victory is using the strategy Ryan Bader used against Vinny. This will be a hard one to call for me even though Gonzaga is one of my favorites because, like Mayhem said, he seems to crumble under hard punches to the face.
12/20/08 2:23:48PM
carwin gets subbed. gonzaga gets it to the ground at some point and comes out with the win. this is a bad matchup for gonzaga but at this point he is the better fighter.
12/20/08 2:37:39PM
Great fight, but I would have rather wanted to see Carwin vs Cain V.
12/20/08 3:32:13PM
very hard fight to call. i'll be pulling for Carwin but Gonzaga is definitly the better all around fighter. i think Carwin can win this fight if he set a hard pace the way Couture did. he needs to close the distance, get the takedown, and pund Gonzaga out. only thing is Gonzaga obviously has very dangerous BJJ . should be a very interesting fight.
12/20/08 4:34:42PM
Im pulling for carwin. gonzaga will struggle to get this fight to the ground and carwin can take him down and make him use his BAD gas tank all up. use a gameplan like werdum did in there 2nd fight. great fight though imo
12/20/08 5:30:01PM
Heart is with Carwin. Hand is with Gonzaga.
12/20/08 6:17:52PM
we get to see if carwin is the real deal. i don't think he has to win the fight to prove he's the real deal he just has to put up a good fight against gonzaga because gg is one of the best in the world hands down.
12/20/08 7:50:55PM
i got Gabriel Gonzaga, he has world class jujitsu and his stand up is extremely underrated
12/20/08 8:37:34PM
this would be a good opportunity for carwin to make a break out performance and get alot of casual fans.
12/20/08 8:46:21PM
napao FTW

and also

Posted by MikeyG

carwin > lesnar

Velasquez > Carwin > Lesnar
12/20/08 9:27:16PM
This is not necessarily true. The fight is NOT a done deal yet.

Despite several reports to the contrary, a bout between heavyweight prospect Shane Carwin and Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96 has not been signed.

A source from Carwin's camp told MMAInsider that Carwin had not received word of the bout, nor had he received any bout agreements for a fight with the top ranked Brazilian fighter.

Recently, Carwin was presented with a list of names of possible opponents, in which Gonzaga was at the top of the list. Though Colorado native Carwin would be open to such a bout, it is far from a done deal.

The source did say, however, that Carwin had recently inked a new extension to his UFC contract, and though the exact number was not disclosed, it is certain that Carwin will be with the promotion for at least four more fights. As of late, the UFC has increased the number of minimum fights for its extensions, with the average deal for between four and six fights.
12/20/08 10:13:19PM
On paper Gonzaga wins this fight. However, I feel Carwin actually has a great chance in this fight due to Gonzaga's tendency to develope Jorge Gurgel syndrome and underutilize his BJJ. If he gets preoccupied with knocking Carwin out he is going to lose this fight. Carwin has big power and Gonzaga doesn't like to get hit. His will can be broken and I don't believe he has the heart to stand and bang with Shane.
12/21/08 12:39:11AM
I hope Shane Carwin wins it. I've been waiting for him to get a fight against a bigger name guy and this is perfect to send him into a chance for a contender fight.
12/21/08 12:39:31AM
Very interesting fight . Both have very heavy strikes , shane better wrestling , gabe better jiu jitsu . I expect the fight to be over within 1 round via tko for somebody .
12/21/08 9:18:06AM
Gabe is going to win this one hes a better fighter all around in my opinion....... But Carwin is no joke dude has blocks for fists and solid wrestling so it should be a good fight.

My Pick Gabriel Gonzaga / 2nd Rd / Ko-Tko
12/21/08 11:05:34PM
Gonzaga lose all motivation after getting hit a couple of times (see Randy and Werdum 2), I think Shane land something in the first making his way to a late 1st or 2nd rd TKO over a scared GG.
12/30/08 3:36:20PM
Both Gonzaga and Carwin are dynamic fighters! I cannot wait for this fight because whoever wins will certainly be close to a title shot and each of these fighters provides a worthy challenge for the HW division.
Gonzaga will win I expect, but I won't be disappointed if Carwin wins either.
Also, this fight could answer some questions about Carwin, if Gonzaga can last more than a couple minutes.

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