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12/16/11 3:04:49PM
One-time UFC title challenger Gabriel Gonzaga is back with the UFC.

According to his own Team Link academy website, the 32-year-old has signed a four-fight deal with the UFC and will replace Rob Broughton against Edinaldo Oliveira at UFC 142 in Brazil.

Gonzaga (12-6-0) last competed for the UFC at UFC 121 in October 2010 in a loss to Brendan Schaub, prompting the UFC to hand him his walking papers. Rather than fight for less money in smaller MMA promotions, Gonzaga said shortly after that he would focus on his Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms and return to grappling competitions. As most MMA "retirements" go, Gonzaga's was short-lived. Gonzaga made his MMA return just under a year later, defeating Parker Porter this past October at a Reality Fighting event in Uncasville, Conn.

12/16/11 3:05:33PM
Though I don't expect this run to last long, it's nice to see him get another shot in the bigs.

12/16/11 3:13:14PM
Only had 1 fight outside the UFC.

UFC is getting more HW's so that's good.

Idk much about Gonzaga's opponent though, so good luck to him.
12/16/11 3:13:46PM
I dont pay much attention to Gonzaga adn as I too have my doubts that he will even be entertaining, it will interesting to see what changes he has made.
12/16/11 3:22:40PM
Hopefully he is back to fight, not put on that lack luster performance he showed in the Schaub fight. I can't really knock him for the JDS and Carwin losses as those are two of the heaviest hitters in mma.

Would like to see him fight Stipe Miocic if he beats Oilveira
12/16/11 3:46:13PM
I always like seeing a fighter scratch his way back to the big leagues
Gonzaga has the potential to do big things I still have nightmares from watching him kick crocops head off! Cant wait to see his Brazil bout
12/16/11 4:01:48PM
I have no issue with him coming in as a replacement.
12/16/11 4:31:14PM
really hope Gonzaga can make a decent comeback, i don't see him being a legit threat in the division but i would like to see him stick around
12/16/11 5:19:51PM
He's just got to remember he's a jits specialist and not a Ko artist
12/16/11 8:52:09PM
GG vs Big Nog on a summer card
12/16/11 8:52:42PM
A 3rd round win against a no name and he deserves a 4 fight contract with the UFC? What a joke. I think he is going to get massacred as soon as he comes back. Big mistake by the Zuffa boys. They will ax him again after his first fight.
12/16/11 9:38:11PM
Still a serviceable fighter and not a contender still a solid fighter.
12/16/11 10:14:47PM


He's just got to remember he's a jits specialist and not a Ko artist

Exactly what I was going to say. Props.

After he knocked out Cro Cop he started to think he WAS Cro Cop.

He's a ground guy first and foremost. His striking is serviceable but there's guys out there who will destroy him on the feet.

Also at all the Gonzaga hate on here. I remember people huggin his nuts after he knocked out Cro Cop and right before his fight with Randy. MMA fans are pretty darn fickle some times.
12/17/11 12:03:10AM
GG is a decent striker, bjj black belt, and a true hw.....he had a bit of a head/psych problem...if he fixed that he should make a decent return.
12/17/11 7:24:48AM
Good to see gabe back in the ufc
Hope he wins !
12/17/11 2:08:10PM
I'd like to see him fight:


I think all those guys make for really intriguing fights against Gonzaga's style.

12/17/11 5:24:46PM
I'd take GG over Broughton any day. This is a card upgrade imo.
12/18/11 10:11:15AM
He shouldnt have been cut in the first place.
12/18/11 2:48:16PM
good to see him back. im not a huge fan but i always kinda followed his progress. put him against Nelson or Meathead.
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