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7/22/10 4:05:36PM
A busy day of upcoming UFC fight announcements got bigger today with the addition of a Heavyweight fight to UFC 121. Former title challenger Gabriel Gonzaga is set to meet TUF 10 alum Brendan Schaub at the event. Both have agreed to the fight, paperwork should be done soon.

7/22/10 4:17:11PM
Speed will be the key again for Schaub as he takes Gonzaga out in the first or second.
7/22/10 4:22:45PM
I'm quickly becoming a believer in Schaub. I've picked against him previously and paid for it. I don't see any reason he can't win this one as long as he stays off his back.
7/22/10 4:42:39PM
Good fight. Gonzaga is the HW gatekeeper for getting in the title picture. I kind of think Gonzaga takes this one, but it hard to pick a guy who loses when people hit him.
7/22/10 5:11:55PM
He wanted Cro cop or Gilbert, Gonzaga beat Cro Cop, but don't look as dangerous to me anymore.

This is another good fight I can't wait for. I like Gonzaga, I hope he can get back in the mix someday.
7/22/10 5:20:36PM
This is the beginning of the end for Gonzaga. He'll always be HL Reel material because of the Cro Cop fight but he's never been the same since he lost to Couture in his title shot. Should be the fight that gets my man Schaub into the title picture, or at the very least maybe the JDS-Nelson loser.
7/22/10 5:32:31PM
I thank dana said the winner of the JDS and BIG COUNTRY fight would get the next shot at the title but if Schaub beats Gonzaga and does it in a convincing fashion it should maybe move him in the runnings for a title shot or at least a #1 contender fight.
7/22/10 5:49:46PM
Good fight. Big step up for Schaub. He might be able to take it. Interested to see how Gonzaga comes back after his last fight. Slightly favoring Gabe right now
7/22/10 9:44:44PM
the advantage would have to go to GG he does have the better skills set..and let's not forget gettin ko'd by Carwin and JDS is no shame..the only time GG loses is too more technical strikers..guys who can out box him..and i don't think Schaub will be able to do that..and plus if it hits the mat..Schaub won't last long..add that on with GG strikin abilities and that's one hard fight for Schaub..
7/23/10 12:10:44AM
Good fight.
7/23/10 1:15:31AM
I like Schaub and was sure to pick him in his next fight after his destruction of Tuscherer....but I am on the fence here for sure...when GG is on he is a monster for sure! Great match up!!
7/23/10 4:53:28AM
Schaub should take this one a long as he keep's pressure on Gonzaga because he seem's to fall apart when he gets hit in the face. And Schaub has some pretty heavy hands.
7/23/10 9:28:41AM
I like this fight. Don't count gabe out just yet
If it hits the ground the fight is over.
7/23/10 11:09:12AM
I like Schaub. I feel like he is undersized but he has good speed and really good hands. I'm not of the perspective that Gonzaga is washed up though. The guys is still very good and dangerous. The combined record of his opponents who he has lost to are 55-15 (only counting Werdum once), and 10 of those losses came from Couture. So he has lost to Randy (former champion), Junior (top 3 in the division), Carwin (just fought for the title), and Werdum (just beat Fedor). It's not like the guy has been getting beat by lackluster talent. Again I like Schaub, but I think he is out of his league in this fight.
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