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POLL: GG vs Dos Santos
GG KO 5% (3)
GG Sub 7% (4)
GG Decision 4% (2)
Dos Santos KO 82% (45)
Dos Santos SUB 0% (0)
Dos Santos Decision 2% (1)
3/2/10 7:35:49PM

3/3/10 10:35:08AM
She's not sleeping. Clearly she's checking just what's in his trunk.
3/3/10 4:00:00PM
I think she's bowing in reverence.
3/3/10 6:02:54PM
Sweet pic.....maybe the girl has a foot fetish. Who are we to judge! On the fight Dos Santtos has it all day on the feet. i don't see Gonzaga getting it to the ground. The only guys he has subbmitted(in the UFC) have been wrestler/BJJ guys. McCully and Marerro. He will stand with JDS and fittingly gets KTFO
3/10/10 10:32:55AM
regardless of what she is doing, she's gorgeous haha
and... she's most likely checking out his ass, ahah
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