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11/20/11 5:43:35AM
Very interesting take on the evolution of the sport but I can't help but think that there will never be a truly dominate discipline in MMA. We have seen trends throughout the short history of this sport but no matter how well rounded fighters become, they will still be limited by their physical abilities and natural talent. As cool as it is to hypothesize about the "super athlete" most fighters don't fit that mold and unless the human race evolves at some incredible pace, the average fighter still won't fit that mold in the next 20 years. I know its said that currently the "best" athletes are still making their way to MMA instead of other sports but that does not change the fact that everyone is different and different body types/builds lend themselves better to certain styles of combat. Just a generalization, not a rule but a short fighter with a stocky build and short arms will probably gravitate towards a grappling base while a taller fighter with a more lean build with longer arms will be better adapted to a striking base (again, I know there are alot of exceptions) basically what I'm trying to say is that no matter how much someone trains a discipline they will always be limited by factors that they cannot control. I'm sure that the skill gap will close as fighters evolve but a time when fighters are so evenly matched that neither holds even a slight advantage in any discipline is still a long way off. We are still going to see successful fighters from all disciplines in the future and that is what makes MMA great.

And as much as I love JDS, his style is not new by any means, he is just using a more technically sound approach to it. Junior is a sprawl and brawl fighter sans the "brawl". Chuck Liddell used the same style, if you couldn't take him down (not many could) you were forced to stand with him and for a period of time he had the same results as JDS. A better example might be a prime Cro-Cop, he also had great TDD but had more technical striking than Liddell but used the style in the same way to keep the fight standing where he had an advantage over almost everyone at the time. Junior might have brought the style to a new level with his superior boxing but it is basically the same idea. Until someone can take him down and keep him down, or out strike him he will continue to have success.
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