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12/30/07 11:27:37AM
After watching UFC 79 last night, I couldn't help think about the future of the 205 division. After some deliberation, these are the fights I came up with that have possible title implications and that shape the rest of the division:

Jackson V. Griffin
-championship match after TUF

Jardine V. Machida
-#1 contender...if Jardine loses he gets Liddell again

Evans V. T. Silva
-both guys don't lose...Evans has to prove himself

Liddell V. Vera
-yes, Vera will drop down to L.H.

Rua V. Ortiz
-already talked about, would make sense

W. Silva V. Alexander

Bonnar V. Hamil
-at UFC Fight Night 13

Gouveia V. Lambert
-at UFC 80

Tomasz Drwal V.. David Heath
-at UFC81

Sokoudjou V. Tomato Can
-better believe Soko is winning his next fight

Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns. Most of these fights are strictly my opinion, so don't believe them to be rumored or announced.
12/30/07 11:42:14AM
I think if Jardine fought Chuck again he would get knocked out in the first round
12/30/07 1:00:40PM
lol were did you hear vera is going drop down? i dont think he is
12/30/07 2:00:58PM
I think Vera learned a lot from his loss to Tim Sylvia. In my humble opinion, he's one loss away from dropping to 205 where he'd be a monster. Just my own thoughts.
12/30/07 2:10:15PM
i dont know if vera is dropping down so here is my scenario.

rampage vs. forrest for title

agree with machida vs. jardine for #1 contender.

shogun vs. tito also agree

houston vs. soko- how exciting would that be albeit very quick.

wandy vs. rashad- lets see what rashad is really made of.

thiago silva vs. chuck- makes sense for both.
12/30/07 3:19:08PM
chuck and jardine arent going to fight again unless its for the title.
12/30/07 7:25:14PM
with chuck beating silva,, i'd say

chuck vs machida

wanderlei vs keith jardine

thiago vs rashad or hamill

and shogun vs tito or houston if tito cant ( maybe becuase tito is doing that show the apparentice, i dont know how long it takes but it might get in the way)

12/30/07 7:42:02PM
Maybe chucks on a legends tour. He said he wanted to beat Wand, Cro Cop and Fedor. Maybe he'll go fight Cro Cop in a HW match.

I want to see Shogun vs. Jardine and Wand vs. Tito.
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