What Does the Future Hold for MMA in Japan?

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9/26/12 10:16:05AM
With reports by AsainMMA.com saying that Japanese MMA promotion Dream’s parent company, Real Entertainment, has closed up shop, major MMA in Japan is at a crossroads right now.

Speaking to MMAWeekly.com, AXS TV’s Hans Thompson said of Real Entertainment’s closing, “I don’t have exact numbers on how many staff, but they essentially haven’t had a staff for much of this year aside from a handful of individuals.”

Thompson believes that Real Entertainment had kept Dream on life support as to not lose booking rights for one of Japan’s premier areas on one of its biggest entertainment days...

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9/26/12 10:33:26AM

but seriously, DREAM was a pretty decent modernized revival of Pride
9/26/12 11:37:52AM
MMA died in Japan the moment Pride died sad to say but its the truth.

9/26/12 11:44:56AM
I like where One FC is going but honestly, JMMA hasn't been the same since Pride.
9/26/12 12:36:12PM
You can't stop the Yakuza baby!
9/26/12 12:47:56PM
Japanese MMA will be back. i think there is just too big of a draw there. sounds to me that it was not a lack of numbers as much as it was shitty people running the organization. on the good side of this, hopefully we will see more Japanese MMA fighters make moves to bellator and ufc.
9/26/12 12:51:01PM
When the UFC moves into Japan in a big way, things will be as they should be.
9/26/12 12:53:33PM
Its a shame when Japan is so martial arts and bushido cultured to begin with that they cant have their own major org.... I miss Pride..... or head stomps, one of those.
9/26/12 2:02:51PM
ONE FC will bring in huge guys like Anthony Johnson and Rampage to fight undersized locals and the crowd's will marvel and give respect to everyone.
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