Future Governor of Alabama: Charles Barkley

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10/28/08 12:22:48AM
That's right!!!!
Sir Charles...
Boy Gorge....
The Round Mound Of Rebound....
The Bread Truck....
is running for Governor....in 2014!!!!

here's a tidbit:
Brown: So are you going to run for governor?

Barkley: I plan on it in 2014.

Brown: You are serious.

Barkley: I am, I can't screw up Alabama.

Brown: There is no place to go but up in your view?

Barkley: We are number 48 in everything and Arkansas and Mississippi aren't going anywhere.

yeah i know thats a long way, but atleast he's planning ahead & not jumping right into it. Plus, me being from Mississippi, i know how it is in the South & how we come in last in almost every good thing (children's education) & come in first on every bad thing (teenage prenancy)

might not be a big deal to yall, but i wish i had a celeb trying to change my state.

i hope he wins
10/28/08 12:34:40AM
I love barkley , that is awesome .
10/28/08 8:01:37AM
that be trrrrrrrrrrrable
10/28/08 8:03:53AM
I hope he wins too, just hope he doesn't legalize gambling too quickly in the state. I'm not against it but it's more because his gambling problems are very well documented.
10/28/08 1:56:23PM
10/28/08 2:07:02PM
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