Future of Affliction at stake with 8/1

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7/20/09 9:46:15AM
Affliction's event next month is dubbed "Trilogy." A more accurate moniker might be "Finale."

Rumors have swirled in the mixed martial arts industry about the promotion's ultimate demise ever since its first show a year ago. However, Affliction Vice President Tom Atencio and the upstart organization have persevered, largely on the back of Fedor Emelianenko. The Russian heavyweight headlined Affliction's first two shows and will do so again on Aug. 1 against Josh Barnett.

7/20/09 11:45:56AM
The UFC needs competition, but Affliction has been worthless. I hope they fold so that many of the world's best can fight more than twice a year.
7/20/09 5:34:58PM

build dream to be the new pride and let strikeforce be the minorleagues!! It's a bold statement but lets be realalistic.
7/20/09 6:04:37PM
Sweet avatar bro... "You're my boy Blue!"
7/20/09 9:15:24PM
I guess I'm the only one who thinks affliction puts on siiiick cards. They've given me a few fights I've allllways wanted to see and they've given some great fighters a chance to fight in the us when the ufc has denied them that.I hate monopoly mma version, why can k-1 let people fight in other kickboxing orgs and the ufc can't let fighters wear t shirts?
7/20/09 11:54:31PM
I hope Barnett beats Fedor and Affliction is forced to go under. Then we can see the better fighters on the roster be in companies they should be in an not a company that has them fighat all but once every seven months or so.
7/21/09 6:49:40AM
I think I have been saying this for months...move out of the way Affliction and let companys (ie Strikeforce) that are going to be more active in putting on fight cards get in the there with some of that topo level talent you are holding
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