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11/11/08 8:23:32PM
Dont know if anyone is interested but here they all are

Futurama : Bender's Game

Futurama : Bender's Big Score

Futurama : The Beast With a Billion Backs

on the last link i had to read the small print at the top and click link 2 for it to work

also while i am on the subject of cartoon movies here is the Family Guy spoof of starwars

Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest

11/12/08 1:36:18PM
I think a new one just came out last week.
11/12/08 3:51:11PM
i am pretty sure that the new one is benders game but if not i will find the new one and add it
11/12/08 3:57:17PM
11/12/08 5:48:26PM
One of my all time favs
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