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1/23/09 1:42:09AM
ok so a few years back i was on myspace and i came accross big tims page.. i guess someone was posing as him so he put the phone number to his gym on his page so he could "confirm" he was the real tim sylvia...being about 15 years old at the time...i called the number and this lady answered and said hes training right now and he would call me back when he got out...well sure enough he called me back but not from the gym...he called me from his personal cell phone haha. This was about the time he was getting ready to fight arlovski for the 2nd time. and i do not like an arlovski fan. so me and my buddy came up with this arlovski impression and called him saying all kinds of stuff. then wed randomly call him talkin **** about him being fat and what not.. idk it was funny at the time but now that i think about it,,,,it was immature....but still hillarious haha since then big tim has changed his phone number

flame all you want or say what you gotta say but it was funny just shows u how much of an oaf big tim is to call some punk ass kid on his personal cell without blocking the number haha
1/23/09 4:02:06AM
Immature? Sure. Funny? Absolutely!

Reminds of when that radio station pranked Dana saying that they were Randy's gay lover.
1/23/09 4:09:40AM
Please come join the 360 mafia you seem like a champion. Punking out Timmy genious
1/23/09 5:01:53PM
lol reminds me of those prank calls that use voices of real ppl on soundboards
1/24/09 3:45:31AM
pee pee taster
1/24/09 12:37:22PM

Posted by MMAcca

pee pee taster

Actually thats pee pee pee taster.
1/24/09 5:32:22PM
It seems now like TIMMAY!! can't open his mouth now without saying something increduously silly. Now that I think of it...anyone who wants Fedor to lose tonight better think of the consequences, especially if Barnett loses or doesn't win the title...we could ultimately wind up with AA-TIMMAY!! 4 for the WAMMA title. Scary thought.
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