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3/30/13 9:12:30AM
I came home from work the other day and my 4 year old was playing UFC 2009.
I said to my wife "I think this is a little hard for him dont you think?"
She says"he lost twice and then won every fight since"

So I plugged in the other controller to play with him.......he knocked me out the first 6 fights He was using Lesnar, after the 3rd time, I said "ok, cemetery trip for you" and picked CroCop, the bell rings, I run at him plant my feet throw a high kick, BAM, hits me with a right hook and KO'd me in 6 seconds

I was ranked in the top 1500 in this game when it was out, mind you, I wasnt taking it to the ground and basically just trading with him, but it took me 7 fights to beat him.
3/30/13 10:07:13AM
Nice, sounds like you have some serious competition. You better school that little one though, maybe put him to bed early and stay up late practicing ;).
3/30/13 11:33:08AM
HA! You have some kind of wunderkind on your hands.
3/30/13 12:08:17PM
That always happens when you play with someone who isn't quite as just stand and bang and they somehow always catch you. If you take it to the ground they instantly lose but then that isn't fun or all that fair.
3/30/13 1:16:53PM
Put that kid in boxing classes early.
Future Ufc fighter !!
3/31/13 3:45:27AM
haha very awesome!
3/31/13 4:15:31AM
Get him sponsors!
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