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8/17/12 11:56:25AM
8/17/12 12:19:09PM
Nice..Used to do a lot of pranks at work and posted one here once. If you are on the receiving end of a prank never show that it got to you, just go on like business as usual.

Here is the prank I pulled once...

"Ok, awhile back at work me and a coworker were pulling pranks on each other trying to "one up" the other. After he put an " I love Gay Porn" bumper magnet on my car I was trying to think of something I could get him back with.

I looked throughout the internet and found a site that does exact replicas of state license plates, as they do these for the vehicles in movies and tv shows. I decided to purchase a replica of the NY state license plate saying "Cops R Gay" obviously I dont think that but I was going for something a bit extreme.

I work the overnight shift so the lack of people going in and out of the workplace would be at a minimum, and I had a ratchet set of tools so I could remove his license plate and put the prank one in its place on the back of his truck. Taking his plate off and putting the prank one on took like 2 min. tops very easy.

The only problem occuring is him seeing the plate when walking out at the end of the shift, and I covered this problem by walking with him talking and making sure he didnt really look at his truck. He drove away with a few people who were in on the prank laughing their asses off in the parking lot.

We returned to work 12 hours later and he still had yet to notice, although several people noticed when he came into work. When he was finally let in on the prank he had the biggest red face ive ever seen. All in all a good prank. He had told me he had even passed by a police station on his way to work."

I wish it was left on a bit longer.
8/17/12 1:16:31PM
Thats pretty good.

Not sure if you guys have seen these guys before LAHWF-NO Not YOuing

Dick move but hilarious,
8/17/12 3:35:13PM

Posted by Aether


that was pretty good. that took some doing, those people had to put time and even money into that shit.
8/17/12 4:40:12PM
I like when he says "I think i'm too lazy to change all this back to normal. That is the real issue"

Because I know I would have the same attitude. My room would be pink forever.
8/17/12 5:19:16PM
Some Co-workers and I dumped a giant bottle of this cheap blue cologne inside another co-workers windshield washer fluid.

Every few days for months he'd be complaining about a strange smell in his car, he even spent a weekend cleaning every inch of the interior himself. It was only when he was about to pay to get it professionally cleaned that we finally told him what we did.

I definitely didn't put in as much effort as those people took on this room but it was still funny
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