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6/10/10 4:03:49PM
CroCop says Pat Barry might stare through a window for 2 years if he loses and he lands a high kick. He'll have a nurse at his side.

CroCop says he's going to give Pat Barry at least one autograph, and hopefully giving him another one on Saturday night

Cro Cop tells @arielhelwani that forehead mark is from ladies last night. "Are you all right?" "I am, they aren't."

Via Twitter
6/10/10 4:16:26PM
Watched it live and Mirko almost had me in tears. Some context is probably needed for some of those, but still funny.
6/10/10 4:22:59PM
I'm going to have to watch this when I get home. I'm thinking the UFC usually posts them on afterwards, right?
6/10/10 4:49:47PM
yeah, should be there later
6/10/10 8:53:26PM
Dana- "to the mayor" dont tell her!


Dana- why? you plan on gettin drunk ? "after being asked was beer going to be served saturday"

both caught me off guard.
Cro Cop and Barry were pretty funny also
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