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8/10/07 7:08:47PM
When GSP "accidentally" kicked Hughes down there twice.
8/11/07 11:00:31PM

Posted by MisFiT

Mike Goldberg's Face/Acting like he knows MMA.

That dude needs to learn to blink..... Me and my buddies always crack up when a show comes on and Rogan is previewing the nights' upcoming fights. Goldberg always has that dumb ass look on his face.
8/12/07 11:11:17AM
one would be where Joe Rogan comments on Mirko's entrance saying "That is the scarriest man to come out to Duran Duran music i have ever seen"

but def. when Arlovsk ko punches Pano De Pano in the face
8/12/07 8:45:45PM

Posted by The_Grim_Reaper

but def. when Arlovsk ko punches Pano De Pano in the face

most def, I loved that fight.
8/13/07 7:23:14PM
I'd say when Aleks E. knocked out James Thompson in like 10 seconds after Thompson starred him down.

GSP landing backflips on his knees.

Any time Giant Silva fights.
8/14/07 5:24:56PM
im gonna have to say the funniest MMA Moment in a fight must have been when Maynard ko-ed himself, or when Monson was fighting sylvia for the title and he was in sylvias guard, so all monson could hit was the bottom of sylvia's chest!!! haha

the funniest mma moment not in a fight was when cole miller got drunk on TUF 5 and slept in the bathroom,,, and the rest of the fighters came in a shaved some of his hair! haha!!
8/14/07 5:44:09PM

Posted by alvin

I'd say when Aleks E. knocked out James Thompson in like 10 seconds after Thompson starred him down.

That was good moment. James trying to look like he was gonna blow Aleks away, but getting flattened super fast, I love it! A similar moment occured at Bushido III when Ralph Gracie flew straight at Gomi as the bell rang, only to get kicked in the ribs and put away in seconds. Even better because he was doing that embarassing "super intense" shaking thing he does!

Mark Coleman flying at the ropes and then dropping to the ground after he had won the 2000 GP was pretty good too, though I really wanted to see Vovchanchyn win.

It's not MMA, but when Mark Hunt and Ray Sefo fought in K-1, sparks flew in round two and they dropped their hands and started trading punches, before Sefo kissed Hunt and went back to getting knocked about.

Mark Hunt also pops up in another "funniest MMA" moment, when he fought Wanderlei at Shockwave 2004. As Randy Couture christened it, the "atomic butt drop" was a classic, but even better was seeing Wanderlei raise his hands like he had won the fight, only for Hunt to get the decision. Utterly classic, but it's not like Wand didn't get it handed to him.

I would like to say that Branco Cikatic and Stefan Leko had had some funny MMA moments, but they were more just "sad" than anything, especially considering their calibre as kickboxers!

Continuing in the Pride vein, watching Bushido IV last night and hearing Bas Rutten singing was classic. I can't remember which event it was, but there was a rather good moment once when he started singing Lionel Richie's "Hello". Beautiful. I also love the banter between Renzo Gracie and Bas Rutten as they talk about being the most handsome men in MMA, despite Guy Mezger having once tried to claim the title.

In UFC...watching Chuck Liddell get destroyed for a second time by Rampage was good. Also, I'd like to laugh at Mike Goldberg but I can't, it just saddens me that he actually has a job with the UFC. Similarly, Rogan is a bit better but I always get caught thinking about Mauro and Bas and the great stuff they did.

and to bring it back to James Thompson, a comedy of errors if there ever was one, watching him getting beat by Rob Broughton was a farce. Broughton looks as if his training goes as far as eating 3 kebabs and chips and a day and lifting his pint.
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