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4/20/07 6:23:01PM
It's like a 1,000 little gnomes with icey hands massaging your boys.

4/20/07 7:05:19PM
I wish I had that stuff when I lived in florida. just walking from one side of the school to the other would sometimes soak your boxers or underwear, crazy but true.

OMG post #15 on there is a bit graphic...
4/20/07 7:07:34PM
Am I the only guy that wants some of that stuff now?
4/20/07 7:21:56PM
No you're not. I got to chafing a little bit today. Gold Bond, 'Here I come."
4/20/07 7:25:31PM

OMG post #15 on there is a bit graphic...

Not a pleasant image...
4/20/07 8:59:30PM

I gotta admit, I'm tempted to try it now.
4/20/07 9:13:56PM
I had a roomate who used to use it on his ass. Never asked him about it. The strange thign was there was always powder in the living room, as if that was where he applied it.
4/20/07 10:23:30PM
im gonna go pick up a bottle today.... should i start off with yellow, or proceed directly to green?
4/21/07 2:17:12AM
I would start of with the yellow myself, just to get a feel for it... But you'll end up buying the green "Triple Strenght"() well before the regular stuff runs out...

And don't... Do Not, try the blue... Big mistake... That stuff is golbond foot powder... And all of their descriptions are very accurate...

Not to be gross, but you have to apply it to freshly towel-dried nuts I can't believe I'm writing this sh!t
4/21/07 3:31:15AM
What if I want to use a blow-dryer on my nuts first? Do you think that would work? Also, I heard if you sweat a lot, it makes it look like you have pancake batter between your legs. Is there any truth to that?
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