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2/24/09 12:08:18PM
Fedor BMF!

Dana White takes notice lol.
2/24/09 12:38:19PM
2/24/09 12:41:47PM
I guess I don't get it.
2/24/09 4:07:38PM
i don't get it ether the video sucked!

i got like 5 props for this so ill post it again

on: White is tired of chasing Fedor

Posted by MattHughesRules

I find that to be just hilarious. He certainly has changed his tune though. He has gone from calling Fedor a complete bum who is not a top HW in the world to being bitter that he won't fight under a UFC contract.....or that's how he sounds. In the end Dana not trying to work with Fedor is bad for the sport. There are good fights to be had in the cage that would benefit both Fedor and the UFC tremendously. Fighters like Fedor don't come along everyday. In the end if White looks back and Fedor has never stepped foot in the cage I think he will look kind of foolish. It seems rediculous that the best mma organization and the sports top HW would never do business. I am sure a contract compromise could be met to make both parties happy if White would work at it. I am a huge UFC fan and I DO care about seeing Fedor in the UFC...I want it badly!

Dana white and zuffa have done alot of good for mma if fedor doesn't want to join the ufc its not Dana's fault, there a method to Dana's madness and u seem to have taken what Dana and the lorenzo brothers have done with the ufc for granted if it wasn't for them the ufc may have died back in 2000.

when they purchased ufc in 2001 they were losing millions people said they were crazy now look at ufc and the explosion on mma in the US.

i don't think u have any idea how hard it was for Dana to turn the ufc into what it is today and at the end of the day he will look anything but foolish no matter what happens with fedor
2/24/09 8:30:41PM
I don't get that video.
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