ufc on fuel tv 2 predictions for fotn?kotn? sotn?

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4/11/12 6:23:44PM
Finally a Ufc event is here
Been a fast 5 weeks. But with tuf Brazil and US. It's been good. I like this card a lot. Could have been pay per view worthy.

Fight of the night

I will go with page vs pickett
Both are coming off losses and are looking to get back in the mix.

Sub of the night

I will go with thorensen making quick work on yosef

Knockout of the night

I will pick Brian stann knocking out sakara

A 6 fight main card helps now if I can just stay off the mma sites for spoiler free till I watch it after I get off work
4/11/12 10:00:10PM
KOTN: Stann over Sakara

SOTN: Thoresen over Yousef

FOTN: Nunes vs Siver
4/11/12 10:38:02PM
KOTN - Gustafsson over Silva
SOTN - Thoresen over Yousef
FOTN - Bahadurzada vs Thiago
4/12/12 2:07:24AM
KOTN will go to stann. i think sakara is in for a really bad night. i know they were trying to give stann a comback fight after his loss to chael, but i think sakara was a little low. i stann in easily in the top 10 but sakara is far from it IMO. i forgot about him for a while there.
4/13/12 7:07:19AM
SOTN-Paulo Thiago
UOTN-Sakara over Stann
4/14/12 2:42:45AM
KOTN- Stann over Sakara
SOTN- Thoresen over Yousef
FOTN- Gustafsson vs Silva
4/14/12 2:48:34AM
KOTN: Stann
SOTN Deblass
FOTN Gustafsson vs Silva!
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