UFC On Fuel TV 6 Franklin vs. Le Bonuses

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11/10/12 12:37:54PM
Fight of The Night: Gomi vs. Danzig (Both Fighters Get $40,000)
Knock Out of The Night: Cung Le ($40,000)
Submission of The Night: Thiago Silva ($40,000)

11/10/12 1:38:10PM
No surprise with the KO or Sub bonuses, as they were the only ones of the night
11/10/12 2:21:43PM
Cung Le should have got two Knockout of the night bonuses.That was brutal!!!!
11/10/12 2:26:10PM
Just finished watching the ones I missed. Wow, did not expect that KO from Le. I was surprised at first when Silva went for that take down since Nedkov was clearly gassed, but it paid off for sure. He was merciful on Nedkov I would say, because it looked like he could have finished that fight any way he wanted.
11/10/12 2:49:13PM
Im gonna see if this GIF works

11/10/12 8:22:37PM
FOTN for me was Tuck vs Zhang
11/11/12 6:45:51PM
A back and forth war that had everything from a good ground game to a slugfest
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