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7/5/07 2:10:50AM
what can i eat in order to train in the morning and then work for 8 hours and still be healthy and energetic????

someone plz let me know ....ty
7/5/07 12:20:07PM
carbs and alot of them
7/12/07 9:45:13PM
If you like meat,eat only meat there is no carbs.
7/12/07 10:46:22PM
Does that mean you're going 8 hours without eating at all? If so, then that can kill your energy level as well as your metabolism level. Try to at least get a healthy snack in with some lean protein and fibrous carbs in midway through your shift. I know it can be hard while working.. but if you can't get a whole meal then look for a good meal replacement powder or something along those lines. Just make sure that it doesn't have too much sugar in it.. if you need any opinions on a good meal replacement, shoot me a PM and I can give you a few ideas
7/13/07 7:52:35AM
I workout at 5:30 in the morning and then work at a warehouse throwing 80lb boxes of meat for 9-10 hours and this is what I do:

Preworkout Protein shake (with PB, and fruit for quick energy)
breakfast: 6 eggs, 1-2 piece of toast and MOST important 1 glass of orange juice (the sugars really boost the energy)
10:00 AM I do a homemade weightgainer shake,but you could go with a regular protein shake or at least some fruit at a bare minimum to keep energy until lunch
Lunch: just an average lunch...
After work: I usually eat supper right after, but if you eat later in the evening, again I would recommend fruit, or a piece of bread w/jelly, just something to get some simple carbs to keep you fueled until dinner...

This always seems to work well for me. If you have a job where they dont allow you to have that midmorning snack, try sneaking it into the restroom and munching it down. After I got caught doing that like 3 times my boss finally gave up and just lets me go grab it now!
7/16/07 8:58:12PM
Oats are really good!
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