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2/3/13 8:16:45PM
I got Renan Barao

Who wants to AV bet on the main event??
2/3/13 8:24:28PM
I want Gunnar Nelson
2/3/13 11:23:02PM
I'll take Swanson if anyone wants Poirier!
2/4/13 11:16:52PM
I got your bet bro...Poirer all day!
2/4/13 11:20:04PM

Posted by jae_1833

I got your bet bro...Poirer all day!

A rematch eh? Sounds good to me but don't expect to get off easy this time
2/5/13 12:24:22AM
Anything will be easy after Shawn9111....dude was a...let's just say vengeful.
These are the fights I like to make AV bets on...I don't care about the win loss ratio, I just want the fights to be mad close and exciting.
2/5/13 8:06:21AM

Posted by jjeans

I want Gunnar Nelson

Ill take Jorge
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