UFC on Fuel TV 7: Barao vs. McDonald - Results/Discussion (Spoilers)

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2/16/13 6:04:41PM
Barao is taking over, Mayday is backing up too much ad letting Renan dictate the pace.
2/16/13 6:04:49PM
29-28 Barao Mayday seems strong but Barao seems to be figuring him out
2/16/13 6:11:47PM
Nice set up for the arm triangle.Real good fight!
2/16/13 6:14:55PM
mcdonald was doing well but it looked like he needed more guidance from his corner.
2/16/13 6:23:13PM
5-7 w/ 37 pts. since i started 0-6, i'll take it
2/16/13 7:01:30PM
Updated. Sorry for the delay. Had some family stuff to take care of.
2/16/13 9:57:43PM
What a shit night
Went 1-5 in prelims
Had to wait till fuel main card was over to watch it with friends pissed. But went 5-1 on main card
Great turn around
Kicking myself for not going with Watson
And god dam grispi. Talk about going from contender to out of the Ufc so fast. What happened to that guy ??,
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