UFC on FUEL TV 2's Brian Stann says military past now staying private

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4/12/12 12:59:01AM
Brian Stann has trotted out his Marine past for the benefit of his past two MMA employers on many occasions, including his upcoming fight with middleweight Alessio Sakara at Saturday's UFC on FUEL TV 2 event.

He's done it to the point where some fans have wondered if it's his only selling point.

Stann, of course, has always said he's trying to help the gears of promotion, not trying to exploit honor.

But a recent appearance FUEL TV's "UFC Ultimate Insider," which hyped his upcoming fight with Alessio Sakara at UFC on FUEL TV 2, proved too invasive even for him. Now, he's drawing boundaries as to what can and cannot be discussed.

"I don't have to go through those memories of my life with other people," Stann told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "Those are my private memories. I did it once. It's out there. I hope that it was for the better of the sport. I hope it was for the better of the men and women who served, and let it be that."

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4/12/12 2:10:45AM
i always thought the same thing. i think people were trying to exploit his military experience for quite some time now. its good to see he's sticking up for himself and drawing a line. he had my respect as well as most everybody elses a long time ago. its time to let him focus on being a fighter, and let the fans focus on him whooping some ass. WAR STANN
4/12/12 6:36:19AM
I wouldnt call it exploitation. They are all selling themselves to the public. Whether its the fact that they won an NCAA wrestling title, that they are Kickboxing champion, Undefeated, having been addicted to drugs, or even having having served in special forces. It's what they have accomplished, and makes them an individual. I have no problem with them using it to sell fights. Stann never bragged about it, but even so, he got called out.
4/12/12 12:50:20PM
good job Stann!
4/12/12 4:50:23PM
Stann is a war Hero i dont think it is legal for him to say everything he has done and of course he will shout out to the fallen marines and to his soldiers that risked their lives for everyone in the USA
4/12/12 6:29:33PM
It's just his Public Relations angle. But given that it's so hyped, he's probably just sick of talking about it constantly - can't blame him for that.

Heroic or tragic pasts both seem to work well in terms of building fans using a good backstory in this sport.

4/14/12 8:12:16AM
Good on Stann. The last ting we need is another Tim Kennedy.
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