Fuel TV to be re-branded as Fox Sports 2, How will UFC programming be affected?

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12/21/12 6:03:56PM
Fuel TV, which regularly hosts UFC programming and events, will be making a drastic change in 2013. They haven't been available to many households, but as part of the Fox network, Fuel will soon be re-branded as "Fox Sports 2". Here's Dave Meltzer over at F4WOnline.com talking about the change:

"In what has not been announced but will affect the future of UFC on television, it is believed that Fuel TV will be rebranded as Fox Sports 2. Fox Sports 1 will be the rebranding of what is now The Speed Channel. Sports Business Journal reported that an announcement of the new name for Fuel should come early next year, with a target date of the actual change being in August."

12/21/12 6:25:02PM
So basically, CHAEL TV will be in more households in 2013.....you people are so lucky
12/21/12 6:30:26PM
I hope this means I'll be able to watch the Fuel cards on Comcast instead of a grainy feed on my shitty laptop.
12/22/12 12:33:08AM
The end of FX cards too? I don't really care either way, Sportsnet up here carries everything except PPV.

Imagine the confusion if it went something like this though.

UFC on Fox Sports 1 1
UFC on Fox 6
UFC on Fox Sports 1 2
UFC 159
UFC on Fox 2 1
UFC on Fox 7
UFC on Fox Sports 1 3

...not that it will at all.
12/23/12 1:54:46PM
If FUEL gets any kind of increased availability, and maybe a better dial position, that would be great.

We already have Fox Sports West 1 & 2 out here, plus Fox Deportes. I will never be against more sports channels. It may be slightly confusing though. I guess they can't re-brand it as UFC TV if they are going to keep showing other "extreme sports".
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