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10/24/08 9:06:10PM
They say familiarity breeds contempt, but in the world of mixed martial arts, the lines are a bit more blurry. Promoters often pit teammate against teammate, friend against friend, in their pursuit of financial success. Some fighters refuse those advances, no matter the lure.

“We won’t fight each other,” says famed mixed martial arts trainer Greg Jackson when asked about a potential fight between two of his top protégés, Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine.

Former UFC light heavyweight champions Tito Ortiz and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson have pledged never to fight unless the money was “right.” Other competitors seem to have no trouble putting relationships on the back burner and going toe-to-toe with their friends. Karl James Noons and Yves Edwards come to mind.

Few dynamics can match friend-versus-friend in terms of piquing interest. One needs only to look at the clashes between Ortiz and Chuck Liddell to understand the hype such fights can generate. In the case of James Irvin and Scott Smith or Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin, mixing it up inside the cage can forge even stronger bonds and lead today’s modern-day gladiators to hone their games inside the same gym as their former opponents.

Here are some past, scheduled and potential bouts with thick
10/24/08 10:15:42PM
I like when friends fight each other, it makes for an interesting fight. Cote vs Scot Smith really good. and So was Scott smith vs pete Sell.
10/24/08 10:40:49PM
i liked hendo and rampage and they are friends. or hamill vs franklin. It bugs me when people refuse to fight friends. i would if it meant he or i would move up to bigger fights or a title fight. you don't have to hate each other.
10/24/08 11:37:51PM
I can understand guys from the same camps not wanting to fight, I mean how do you corner one or the other? That is the only way I can agree to it. I don't like when a guy's like oh I trained with him 5 years ago he's a friend I can't.
10/24/08 11:41:39PM
I'd rather fight a friend than some other guy. If I lose, they I lose to a person that I like.
10/25/08 3:14:18AM
I say fight whoever is put in front of you. Be friends before and after, not durring
10/25/08 1:35:37PM
It's wierd....I have done this in both competition and in real fights and I can honestly say that it's different for each pair of freinds and how serious everything is. You never know that fight may be the one that puts the guy out of the org, or whatever. Plus, there is not many things you can do (without being very creative) more insulting to a person than punching him in the face!
10/25/08 2:13:58PM
Friends not fighting each other is so dumb....

Imagine if every time I had to wrestle off for Varsity I told the coach I can't do that the guy is my friend
10/25/08 3:09:09PM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

Friends not fighting each other is so dumb....

Imagine if every time I had to wrestle off for Varsity I told the coach I can't do that the guy is my friend

Exactly! There is a team element to individual sports but in the end if an athlete in an individual sport wants to reach the top and trains with top guys he is going to have to compete against those top guys. I'd prop you but oddly enough I have to spread the love...
10/25/08 5:13:57PM
i would fight friends and people i've done camps with. but ppl i train regularly with... no way.. i think its dumb
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