A friendly reminder from your MMAPG staff

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6/12/09 6:49:20PM
Just a reminder for everyone-

UFC 99 will lock earlier than the "usual" tomorrow due to the fact that it is taking place in Germany. So don't forget to lock in your picks and wagers. Also, when visiting the site tomorrow keep in mind that the card will be finished early, so spoilers may be posted. I would suggest printing off your fight companion tonight to avoid having your night ruined early

Good luck!
6/12/09 6:59:49PM
I know you didn't have to...so it's appreciated.
6/12/09 7:04:17PM
There is the benefit of being able to link back to this tomorrow when people are all over the boards complaining
6/12/09 7:35:24PM
That wasn't very friendly
6/12/09 8:43:18PM
To further add to the first post, just some quick FYIs for tomorrow:
Picks and wagers will be locked at 11 AM ET (4 PM GMT, 8 AM PT).

The event is scheduled to begin at 12:30 PM ET, live PPV begins at 3 PM ET. For those following in the spoilers forum, results should begin flowing in at around 12:45 PM ET. The PPV replays on tape delay in the usual 10 PM ET timeslot if you can't watch the live broadcast.
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