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POLL: Who Will Win?
Me (Washington Capitals) 38% (5)
Him (Tampa Bay Lightning) 54% (7)
Draw (Tie) 8% (1)
7/10/08 10:45:19AM
With hockey season fast approaching I'm thinking about making a "friendly" bet with a good friend of mine on another board we're both members of. We're good friends who, if he were a member here, would require The Padded Room to get extra padding installed because we engage in a lot of generally good-natured trash talk with each other about sports (we do keep it clean, but it's still pretty crazy at times). Especially with hockey: The bet would revolve around which of our teams wind up ahead at the end of the regular season-my Washington Capitals or his Tampa Bay Lightning (although he'll admit he's an Islanders fan first & foremost). Probably something like a signature bet on that site where the loser has to sport a banner for the other team for a set amount of time, probably a month or so. Of course I'd try to get him into a Fantasy league instead but he wouldn't go along with it because we likely wouldn't get enough people there to join us (not to mention that in Roto, my format of choice, I'd be the James Irvin to his Houston Alexander).

So who do you think comes ahead? Me or him? Hint: Think before you choose him. I'm known to be quite the crack shot with my sidearm of choice.

Edit: If it's a tie, we'll call it a draw. Unless the Caps win the division title, get a higher playoff seed, or get farther into the Stanley Cup playoffs. Then I win.
7/10/08 11:23:43AM
i vote lightning bc Melrose's mullet will take them too the mountain top
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7/10/08 11:29:16AM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

i vote lightning bc Melrose's mullet will take them too the mountain top

I am not one of those people who can resist the mullett either..
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