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POLL: wanna make a game for a free premium account?
Yep (hella) 23% (3)
No (if you pick this you suck) 38% (5)
Meh 38% (5)
11/11/08 9:30:31PM
Lets have a game where the winner gets a free premium account. Perhaps a trivia game or something along that line... ideas?
11/11/08 9:37:52PM
are you paying for it?
11/11/08 9:40:41PM

Posted by Matimus

are you paying for it?

No, the idea is for a "give away"
11/11/08 9:53:11PM
balls you got balls
11/11/08 9:59:58PM
There has been Trivia before in which the winner gets a free T-shirt from the site. But the premium membership was more designed for people that want to support the site, the benefits that come with it IMO is the icing on the cake
11/11/08 10:03:01PM
After all the hell I get for "Having Ideas"........

I can't wait for a Mod to see this
11/11/08 10:32:25PM
Hardly an outlandish idea but okay I see this isnt going over well. lol

At least I got 4 ppl to admit they suck..... jk
11/11/08 10:39:47PM
how long do they get to be premium though?
11/11/08 10:52:03PM
hmmm I just wanted to get on before the pimp hand is pulled out lol

so if your a PM the next year is free? ? ?

ahhhhhhh I get it 11/08 still pretty new well props to ya for trying
11/11/08 10:57:30PM
I'm locking this unless the thread starter is willing to buy premium membership(s) to the winner(s).

However, it did give me an idea for potential contests for little forum games. I just need to clear it with the site admins first.

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